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God of War Pre Workout Changing?

God of War Pre Workout

We got word last week that the God of War pre workout as we know it will be gone forever. First off, God of War Black and Red versions got the axe. That's right, they are no longer being made. Whatever is left on our shelves is all that remains. (Which isn't much at the time of this article) This is all happeneing because Amp Citrate (One of the stims that powers GOW) is becoming either too hot or manufacturers just don't want to deal with it anymore, God of War will no longer feature this stimulant.

The Good news? Centurion Labz is going to reformulate God of War. Knowing Centurion, they will not let their fans down. We fully expect to see either a brand new stimulant cocktail or maybe they will use one of the other super stims on the market today.

Stay tuned to our blog as we will update when more info becomes available.

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