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Alani Nu Energy Witches Brew Review

Alani Nu Energy Witches Brew
Alani Nu Energy Witches Brew

I have recently been trying some of the Alani Nu Energy drinks and since the Witches Brew flavor seems to be the most sought after, I figured I would write a quick review on it.

For some background, my favorite flavors of Alani Nu Energy so far are the cherry slush and cosmic stardust. They are both sweet yet smooth, but I have a soft spot in my STOMACH for caramel apples. Every year around this time I have to have at least one. I also love Halloween, so when I heard Alani Nu was making a new flavor called Witches Brew, I got very excited to see what type of flavor they would come up with.

Upon hearing Witches Brew was Caramel Apple inspired, I felt either it was going to be really good, or really weird. Last week, we finally got some of this flavor in the store, so I had to try it right away. My first sip kind of blew my mind. I was tasting tart apple and at the end, a caramel flavor. I didn't think it could be done, but they did it. Now as I continued to sip on this Halloween-inspired energy drink, the caramel taste faded a little and I was getting more of a granny smith apple taste.

For me, I think this flavor is a huge thumbs up! I love tart apple flavor and I love caramel. Both flavors do come through, but the apple flavor (to me) is what this drink is all about. In my opinion, Alani Nu nailed it with this delicious fall flavored energy drink.

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