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Arez God of the Gym Pre Workout has Arrived!

Arez God of the Gym

Arez God of the Gym Pre Workout by Ntel Pharma has arrived at Arena Supplements! Arez is a no nonsense pre workout that has been hotly anticipated and many customers are telling us “this is the one!”

What’s so great about Arez you ask? Well, the ingredients tell the tale. The two main ingredients that you will feel (besides the high 350 mg of caffeine) are the #DMHA , #Dendrobium Extract, yohimbine and Eria Jarensis Extract. This coupled with some #synephrine will truly make you God of the Gym.

Ntel Pharma doesn’t stop there. They also give you an incredible pump matrix including L-Citruline, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine, #Agmatine and #Hydromax!


Arez God of the Gym is one of those hidden gems that if you need a super intense Pre Workout, this might just become your favorite.

We currently have Several Flavors below:

Arez – Sets on the Beach

Arez – Energy Drink

Arez – Baja Boom

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