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Arez Titanium Pre Workout In Stock!

Arez Titanium
Arez Titanium

***UPDATE*** Arez Titanium is now in stock!

Ntel Pharma (Or Ntel Nutra) has done it again. A new pre workout called Arez Titanium is going to be everyone’s dream that wants a super stim pre workout with that amazing feeling of “euphoria”. From early reviews, this version of Arez is supposed to be mind blowing. Arez Titanium has many of the great parts of Arez white, but using Juglans Regia (Natural DMHA) instead of the chemical DMHA version. There is also a little less alpha yohimbine which is good news for those sensitive to that stimulant. We are expecting #Arez Titanium to hit our shelves next week, so check our new supplements page daily!

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