Axe & Sledge New Icee Flavors Are Here!

Axe & Sledge Icee Flavors
Axe & Sledge Icee Flavors

Axe and Sledge recently announced a partnership with the Icee company. The same company that make those awesome blue and red slushy drinks. The first of these products to be released is the Grind and Ignition Switch in both Blue Raspberry and Cherry Icee flavors.

We have recently received these delicious supplements and can tell you they taste exactly like you would hope! For those of you who like to get wild, yes they taste great when mixed with the other flavor!

Check out the links below to buy the Axe and Sledge Icee products.

Ignition Switch Cherry Icee

Ignition Switch Blue Raspberry Icee

The Grind Cherry Icee

The Grind Blue Raspberry Icee

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