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Barbell Suitcase Row

The Barbell Suitcase Row strengthens the back and forearm muscles. Instead of using a bench for rowing, stand. By standing you increase the demand on the entire body, making the exercise “functional”. Include the Barbell Suitcase Row in place of dumbbell rows or bent-over rows.


Barbell Suitcase Row

Barbell Suitcase Row Works:

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Categories: Back Workouts

Equipment: #barbell #weights


How to do Barbell Suitcase Rows:

  • Lay a barbell on the ground next to you.

  • Bend forward so your body is parallel to the ground and grip one end of the bar.

  • Pull your elbow as far back as you can.

  • Slowly extend your arm and lower the bar.


  • Rounding your back.

  • Not pulling your elbow back all the way

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