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Burpees provide a full-body, bodyweight workout. Burpees can be performed almost anywhere and make a great conditioning exercise. Actually, burpees alone make a great workout. Perform burpees with other exercises to burn more fat and improve your endurance.

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Burpees Work:

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Category: Full Body Workouts

Equipment: NONE


How To Do Burpees

1. Stand with your feet at hip-width.

2. Drop straight down onto your hands and kick your feet straight back (into a pushup position).

3. Move immediately into a pushup.

4. As you complete the pushup, immediately jump your feet forward between your hands.

5. And stand straight up.


1. Letting the hips sag or drop while in the pushup position.

2. Jumping the feet back one at a time (must jump both back at the same time).

3. Not jumping the feet forward far enough.

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