Centurion Labz God Of War Pre Workout Reformulated

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Centurion Labz God Of War Pre Workout

**Update** The New God of War Pre Workout is in stock! Scroll down to check it out at the link below! Via Instagram last week, Centurion Labz announced that a new God of War Pre Workout was coming soon. Looking at the label in the post, the flavors will be changed as well, as the flavor on this was Carnage Cola. It also looks as though they are sticking with the older style labels, which we actually like better than the new, more modern ones. We contacted Centurion Labz and got the lowdown for you on this exciting new pre workout.

The new God of War will be a more "consumer friendly" version of their beloved pre workout. God of War used to have Amp Citrate as the main stimulant agent, but the new version will have no banned ingredients. That does not mean it won't be super powerful though, as we have confirmed it will have 400mg of caffeine, Beta Phenethylamine and more to get you crushing the weights in the gym.

The new God of War Pre Workout is now in stock!

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