Clumpy Pre Workout: What To Do

Clumpy Pre Workout

So you just ordered and received your new pre workout and open it to find hard clumps, or left your pre in a hot car and found it got as hard as a brick. What do you do now? First off, this is completely normal and the product is fine. Many times during storage, the ingredients in a pre workout can absorb small amounts of moisture and get clumped up. This does not affect the potency or usability of a pre workout, but can be hard to scoop or measure it. We have come up with some ways to help fix this issue.

Pre Workout Clumps

If the clumps are soft, you can just put into the scoop until it is full. Then just dump into water and mix as normal. Usually, the clumps will dissolve easily and there will be no difference in the mixability. If the pre workout is really hard, you can either break it up with a fork or knife, or use a blender to return it to a powder. Keeping your pre in the fridge can help stop moisture and clumping in the future.

Any other ways you found to fix clumping in pre workouts? Let us know in the comments below!

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