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DMAA is Banned... Now What? DMHA!

DMAA Banned
DMAA Banned

DMAA is now banned and deemed not safe for human consumption… Now what?

For all of you that love Mesomorph and Synadrene , We have bad news for you. The courts have finally ruled that #DMAA is not to be around anymore, what options (as a consumer) do you have?

The giant that is Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals will certainly be appealing this ruling and may tie this up in the courts for another undisclosed time frame, but distributors have already pulled this controversial supplement of their shelves and most sellers will probably follow suit. This means that products containing DMAA will be flying off the shelves, (They always have anyway) but now they may not be restocked. This may cause a lot of panic in users as those who have experienced the hyper charged rush of DMAA say there is nothing on the market quite like it. Get it while you can.

For others, they might be looking for manufacturers to produce something LIKE DMAA, with the same basic effects and energy of the original. This actually begun last year…

Enter DMHA. #DMHA Supplements exhibit many of the same properties as DMAA products, but without all of the government scrutiny. Last year, supplement companies started including this energetic new supplement to fat burners and preworkout formulas. So far, the reviews have been great.

What Is DMHA?

DMHA, also know as 2-aminoisoheptane comes from the Kigelia Africana fruit. DMHA has both the feel, the focus, and the performance-enhancing effect that so many athletes, students, and even programmers enjoy from DMAA. DMHA seems to give about 80% of the strength of that from DMAA. Not too bad for a LEGAL version of the same basic stimulant.

As of the writing of this article, we have two supplements that contain DMHA and both are from Repp Sports. Check them out if you are having a hard time finding your favorite DMAA containing product!

What are your thoughts on the subject? Sound off in the comment section below!

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