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Epicatechin is a flavanol that can be extracted from cocoa and green tea. When taken in proper high doses, Epicatechin has been shown to reduce myostatin. Because myostatin limits the genetic potential for your body’s growth, blocking myostatin can have a huge impact in breaking through plateaus and achieving growth past your predisposed potential.

What are the benefits of Epicatechin supplements?

Epicatechin can improve protein synthesis which of course is great for muscle building. You should also see an increase in strength. Studies also report increased muscle endurance of up to 50%! Epicatechin can also help reduce stored body fat.

Epicatechin Side Effects

At this point, there are zero side effects reported with using #epicatechin. Since it is all natural and does not affect your natural hormone production, this is perfect for those worried about side effects from prohormones.

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