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God of Rage Reloaded Coming Soon!!

Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz, Maker of the God of Rage Pre Workout has just sent us word that their newest pre workout God of Rage Reloaded is now on its way to Arena Supplements!

***UPDATE*** God of Rage Reloaded is now in stock! To purchase, click one of the links below!

How does God of Rage Reloaded differ from its predecessor? Well, lets take a look at the Nutrition facts below:

God of Rage Reloaded

Aside from the regular ingredients Like caffeine anhydrous, #Huperzine A and 2-amino-6-methylheptane (DMHA), this label also shows another ingredient which is relatively new to the pre-workout market: Eria Jarensis Extract. Eria Jarensis is what makes Arez God of the Gym pre workout so powerful that it is blowing everyone’s minds!

While we have yet to try This new “reloaded” version of God of Rage, judging by the ingredients list, it looks to be the new Arez contender. So far, Centurion Labz has released two flavors for reloaded. Killer Kiwi Apple and Sinister Strazzberry.

Sinister Strazzberry

Killer Kiwi Apple

We have very high hopes for this awesome pre workout and will update this post when this item finally hits our shelves!

In the meantime, check out all of Centurion Labz supplements here.

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