Introducing Relentless Supplements

Tim Kennedy Relentless Supplements

Relentless Supplements is a new brand of high end nutritional supplements co-founded by Tim Kennedy. Relentless is all about living a healthier lifestyle so you can become a better you.

Relentless is more than just a brand. It's a lifestyle. But while it's purpose is clear-cut, the definition of #LiveRelentless is not. Relentless means something different to everyone. For the mother at home trying to balance the rigors of daily life, her definition is different than the premier athlete looking to bounce back from an injury.

What these two have in common — and where Relentless brings them together — is they have a unique story. Each of them has to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of betterment. Living Relentless isn't about taking supplements or wearing a t-shirt. It's about persistence towards a better you.

Relentless Supplements - Performance Based Nutrition

Relentless products leave no stone un-turned. For those looking for a whole food, all-natural option for their supplements, you just found it. All Relentless supplements are formulated to the highest standards of nutrition, with each product comprised of natural ingredients. Combine that with on-the-go packaging, and you'll find these supplements to be the ultimate product for convenience and purpose.

Athletes can take these products with confidence as approval from regulatory body Informed-Sport is expected as soon as testing is finalized.

Relentless Products

Daily Wellness

Relentless Daily Wellness Packs

A daytime and nighttime vitamin and mineral complex formulated to improve daily performance and nightly relaxation and recovery

Meal Replacement

Relentless Meal Replacement

A whole food meal replacement loaded with vital nutrients to fuel an active lifestyle, support muscle building and recovery, and support a balanced diet.


Relentless Focus

A fully-dosed brain and mood enhancing agent designed to boost energy and improve mental clarity and focus.

Pre Training

Relentless Pre-Training

A comprehensive pre-training product designed to boost energy, endurance, strength, and recovery.

So what are your thoughts? We are tossing around the idea of bringing Relentless to the Wilkes Barre area in the coming weeks. Your feedback would be much appreciated in the comments below.

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