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Juggernaut Nutrition: New PurThermo Coming Soon!

Juggernaut Nutrition PurThermo
Juggernaut Nutrition PurThermo

When Juggernaut Nutrition came on to the scene it had three products: PurThermo, Irate and Disturb. PurThermo sold out and has been out of stock for quite awhile with many awaiting its return.

PurThermo was very popular for its high stimulant properties including #DMAA Just a few days ago, Juggernaut released the pic above saying PurThermo would return in September. Since the packaging looks a lot different than the old version, many asked it if would still have DMAA in it. The only response so far from Juggernaut revealed they did reformulate it and it would be stronger than ever.

We are hoping that is true and since it is Juggernaut, rest assured they have made a great product. Guess we will know more next month, but if we get any insider information in the meantime, we will be sure to update this post!

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