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Killer Instinct Pre Workout Reformulated

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Killer Instinct Pre Workout Reformulated
Killer Instinct Pre Workout Reformulated

**Update** Killer instinct maintains its original formula, but has the wrong labels applied! Please contact us for more info.

Killer Instinct, the crazy high stim pre workout has been reformulated. Killer Instinct was one of the fastest selling pre workouts we have had in quite some time. High amounts of DMAA along with some dendrobium and ephedra made this pre workout a stim junky dream come true. As things happen in the supplement industry most things must change.

This re-release of Killer instinct removes the DMAA, Ephedra and Dendrobium and adds Teacrine, Dynamine, Beta Phenylethylamine and a very high amount of Synephrine. The maker of this pre workout says if you liked the Original, this reformulation will hit all the right notes. The arachidonic acid is still in and other ingredients remain as well. Who wants to be the first to give this a try?

You can buy Killer Instinct in the following flavors:

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