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Killer Labz Brute BCAA

Killer Labz Brute
Killer Labz Brute

Killer Labz Brute Bcaas are the most anabolic amino acids on the market. We received our shipment last week and have already sold out of most of our current stock! (Don’t worry, more is on the way!) We know we revealed this product in another post, but after trying it, we had to write an update. We sampled the Southern Sweet Tea Flavor and to us and many customers, it is the best tasting BCAA anywhere even better than 5%! We know lots of BCAAs taste good, but this flavor was the best yet. Cannot wait to try the cotton candy!

Brute BCAA

Due to the Laxogenin and Epicatechin built into this product, after drinking Brute, you will feel harder and tighter. It is a great feeling and this is even without working out! When combined with Killer Labz Predator Pro protein, this stack will yield huge benefits for muscle building. We feel that this BCAA is perfect for those who want the muscle building benefits of Laxogenin and Epicatechin.

Brute BCAAs are now in stock here at Arena Supplements

Brute Cotton Candy

Brute Southern Sweet Tea

Brute Furious Punch

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