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Killer Labz Predator Pro New Look!

Killer Labz Predator Pro New Look
Killer Labz Predator Pro New Look

Killer Labz has updated the look of their Predator Pro Whey Protein! While we like the old style with the predator on the front, this label does look more professional. No worries for fans of this anabolic protein, the flavor and ingredients have not changed, just the look. You still get the same blend of protein plus the #epicatechin and #laxogenin that give you that boost you need. Some of our remaining stock still has the old look, but we expect in the near future, we will only have the new. What do you think of the new look? Let us know in the comments below!

**Update** We just got word that Killer Labz is rolling out an entire rebrand and all of their products will have a new look!

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