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Killer Labz Stim Reaper Is Here!

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Killer Labz Stim Reaper
Killer Labz Stim Reaper

**Update** Stim Reaper is now in stock in two flavors: Southern Sweet Tea and Strawberry Kiwi! Killer Labz, who has recently gone through a re-branding has just released its newest pre workout Stim Reaper, and by the name alone, we imagine you can guess what it is. Stim Reaper is a high stimulant pre workout with a rather simple label: 400mg of caffeine, 250mg of Eria Jarensis, 100mg of Juglans Regia (DMHA), 3 grams of Beta Alanine, 1 gram of Taurine and 2mg of Alpha Yohimbine. Check out the label below:

Stim Reaper Label
Stim Reaper Label

Killer Labz was not fooling around with this pre workout. Stim Reaper has no pump or nitric oxide to speak of, which is great if you have your own pump product to add to it, or just want to be stimmed up like crazy.

We expect to have Stim Reaper ready to ship within the next week or so.

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