Magnum Announces Fasted Cardio

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Magnum Announces Fasted Cardio

UPDATE! Magnum Fasted Cardio Is now available! Get it in Shock Therapy, Rise and Grind or Molotov Cocktail.

This week, Magnum Nutraceuticals announced their newest fat burning supplement: Fasted Cardio. Fasted Cardio is a powdered weight loss drink that takes a very different approach to fat burning. Magnum is touting Fasted Cardio as a new way to burn, optimize, energize and motivate.

Magnum Fasted Cardio

Fasted Cardio Ingredients

Fasted Cardio is formulated for people who want to optimize their fat burning potential, be more motivated, energized and clear headed while efficiently burning more fat. The list of ingredients are certainly cutting edge. Fasted Cardio includes 4 grams of Cerin™ branded MCT oil powder, 250mg of Indian gooseberry extract, 18mg of Capsiatra™ capsaicin extract and 80mg of GBBGO™. Also included is African Mango seed extract, choline bitatrate and two forms of caffeine. Check out the full ingredient profile below:

Fasted Cardio Ingredients

With this formula, Fasted Cardio should be perfect for HIIt workouts, cardio routines, active men and women, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, strength builders, endurance athletes and stage competitors.

Magnum Fasted Cardio Information


Fasted Cardio will come in 3 flavors at launch. Shock Therapy (like a melted blue freezie) Molotov Cocktail (red candy, hint of skittles) Rise and Grind (Mcdonalds Orange Juice)

When and Where to Buy Magnum Fasted Cardio

Fasted Cardio is due to be released in early June. Arena Supplements will have Fasted Cardio for $39.99 as soon as it is offered so check back in June for release info.

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