Magnum Brawn Introduced!

Magnum Brawn
Magnum Brawn

Magnum Nutraceuticals has been on a role lately releasing new products on the regular. They released a photo of their newest product due soon via instagram: Magnum We have some inside info on Brawn and it looks very promising!

Brawn is meant to be a clean gainer of sorts that is a little easier on the pocketbook. Brawn has 5 proteins including cold microfiltration whey concentrate, Cold Ultrafiltration whey concentrate, Tangential flow membrane mircrofiltration whey isolate, enzymatically Hydrolized whey isolate peptides and egg white protein isolate. The "gainer" part comes via their Quincarb matrix which has Potato, Brown rice, oat fiber and organic cane sugar. Magnum has also included some healthy fats in the form of MCT as well as enzymes to help with digestion.

So far, brawn has shown two flavors and one size (4Lbs about 60 servings): Vanilla Ice Cream Dream and chocolate cake shake. We expect to have this in stock in February if not sooner. Make sure to be signed up for our newsletter so you know when this hits!

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