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New Magnum "Hard Muscle" Supplement Coming Soon

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Magnum Hard
Magnum "Hard"

Hot off the trail of their newest supplement, Mane Brain, Magnum Nutraceuticals is already teasing a new product with Hard possibly being in the name. While we don't know much as of right now, these are the details we do have.

Hard will almost definitely be in the name according to the image. The new product is a dedicated muscle building formula that combines 3 powerful ingredients to help build hard lean muscle tissue, aid in recovery, increase strength, combat cortisol and maximize testosterone levels. There will be 850mg per capsule with a full 30 servings per container. There is also a "Male" symbol on the container which might mean this is for men only.

**Update 8/28/18**

Magnum Hard Muscle
Magnum Hard Muscle

Yesterday via instagram, Magnum released a little more info on their upcoming supplement with another cryptic photo this time adding the words Hard Muscle. We believe the last word to be builder making the full name of this supplement Magnum Hard Muscle Builder. We will have to wait a little longer to be sure though...

What do you think? Any guesses as far as what this new product might be? In the meantime, check out the rest of Magnum Nutraceuticals here.

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