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Nutrabio Alpha EAA Now in Stock!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nutrabio Alpha EAA
Nutrabio Alpha EAA

**UPDATE 2/20/2019** Alpha EAA is now in stock in two flavors: Dragon Fruit Candy and Cherry Lime Slush!

Nutrabio is continuing it's turnout of new products with their newly announced Alpha EAA. In a video from Nutrabio, they state this will be an "all day" amino product featuring hydration and focus. We imagine the "Alpha" part of this product is from Alpha GPC as this week, Nutrabio released it's own AGPC product. They also say it will have an adaptogen matrix. Also noted in the video, was the fact that Alpha EAA will be available in Mid February with a starting total of 3 flavors. In the video we see that one of the flavors will be their new Dragon Fruit Candy. We are very excited to have yet another EAA product from Nutrabio as their others are total game changers.

2/13/19 Update:

Nutrabio has released the Label for Alpha EAA which shows that among the EAAS and Alpha GPC, it also contains hydration, AstraGin and KSM-66! Check out the label below:

Stay tuned to our blog and check back as we will update when Alpha EAA is in stock! In the meantime, you can also check out the rest of Nutrabio Supplements.

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