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Nutrabio Releases CaffPlus Supplement

Nutrabio CaffPlus
Nutrabio CaffPlus

Today, Nutrabio introduced their weekly new supplement CaffPlus. CaffPlus can be used as a stand alone energy supplement or stacked with other products (Think BCAAS) to give you a mental/energy boost.

CaffPlus features three key ingredients which will provide fast acting energy and mental clarity with no jitters or crash. The ingredients are 100 mg of Infinergy (yielding 75 mg caffeine) and 79 mg of PurCaf (yielding 75 mg caffeine) for a total of 150 mg of caffeine. At first glance, this might just look like a bunch of caffeine, but these ingredients work more toward a long, sustained energy factor.

Nutrabio recommends 1 cap for a pick me up, and for the more stimulant heavy users 2 caps. The great thing about this, is it can be stacked with so many other products. You want your pre workout to have more kick? Add one CaffPlus capsule. You want some energy with your EAAs? Add a capsule off CaffPlus.

We expect to have CaffPlus in very shortly and will update this post when it arrives. Follow this post to be alerted when it updates!

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