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Nutrabio WPI - Pancakes and Maple Syrup Review

Nutrabio WPI - Pancakes and Maple Syrup Review
Nutrabio WPI - Pancakes and Maple Syrup Review

Recently, Nutrabio has been releasing some new flavors of their isolate protein. (WPI) Today, we got a chance to sample one of their new breakfast series flavors: Pancakes and Maple Syrup. I thought we would give you an honest review, so here goes.

Upon opening the sample packet, there was a hint of maple smell. Pouring into the water and a few shakes later, as per usual, Nutrabio WPI dissolved quickly and cleanly. Smelling the mix revealed a stronger smell of maple and had me worried, as too much maple flavor can make anything taste bad.

I was pleasantly surprised that the taste was as advertised. This protein tastes like pancakes with just the right amount of real maple syrup flavor! Since Nutrabio is such a clean protein, I was very surprised that the flavor was rich without adding any of the usual fillers and garbage associated with decadent flavored protein drinks.

I must also state that I like maple flavors, and if you are not really into them, you might want to skip this product. However, if you like some maple syrup on your waffles or pancakes, I can't imagine you not liking this flavor especially for breakfast! (Which is about the time I tried it)

Well, that about sums it up! Have you tried this or any of the other flavors of Nutrabio Isolate? Let us know what you thought in the comment section below!

Where to buy Nutrabio WPI - Pancakes and Maple Syrup:

You can buy it here or stop into our store in Wilkes Barre PA! Nutrabio has several other breakfast flavors including Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Sugar Donut.

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