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Olympus Labs Massacr3 Coming Soon!

Olympus Labs Massacr3
Olympus Labs Massacr3

**Update** Olympus Labs Massacr3 is now in stock!

Its been a busy year for Olympus Labs as they have been releasing many supplements lately. We have just received word about their newest supplement Massacr3, which will be released in November. According to reports, Massacr3 will feature 300mg of Laxogenin. Yes, you read that right. More than triple the Laxogenin of most other supplement companies.

Judging by what the image says, “Massive Pumps” and “Vasodilation”, We expect Olympus to have their trademarked VASO6 in it. This product seems similar to their last great product: Ep1logue.

Other info on Massacr3 is scarce at the moment, and we will of course update this post if we hear any more on this new product.

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