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Olympus Labs Re1gn Pre Workout Coming Soon!


Olympus Labs has made some incredible supplements in the past and even holds some patented ingredients. We have just been in talks to bring in Olympus Labs RE1GN (Or REIGN) Pre Workout to add to our incredible list of most powerful pre workouts for sale.

Without further distraction, lets check out Olympus Labs #Re1gn Pre Workout:

Re1gn Pre Workout

Packaging looks cool right? Re1gn promises Increased endurance, Focus and Energy. Lets see whats in Re1gn that backs up these promises shall we?

Intense Energy Matrix

Well, for starters, Re1gn has 300mg of Caffeine. That is enough to wake you up. They up the ante with Julgans Regia (AKA DMHA) and Eria Jarensis , which is what we believe makes Arez and God of Rage Reloaded so awesome. They also include their own trademarked ST1M-X, which Olympus says amplifies the intensity of the other stims in this pre workout. Well, I would say they got the energy part of this pre workout right!

Immaculate Focus Matrix

Re1gn uses several ingredients including #KannaEase and Teacrine to achieve laser like focus.

Pump and Endurance Matrix in RE1GN

Re1gn has a solid endurance and pump formula including L-Citruline Malate, #Vaso6, Pomegranate powder and AGmass Agmatine Sulfate. I would say, they have nailed pump and endurance.

Check out Re1gn’s Sheet below:

Re1gn Sheet

So when can I buy Re1gn?

It is now in stock at Arena Supplements! Check out the links below for the different flavors we offer!

Re1gn Isee Fury

Re1gn Area 51

Re1gn Dragons Mist

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