One Bar Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Review

One Bar Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Review

So yesterday, we brought back One Bars into our store and we received a flavor which we had not tried before: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. I figured, while I was trying it, why not write a review?

One Bar Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Upon opening this one bar, it was hard not to notice the crystalline bits of sea salt dotting the surface. It is actual sea salt! The bar smells like dark chocolate, and feels a little harder than most other One Bars.

One Bar Dark Chocolate Sea Salt - Delicious!

The first bite was strange. You get this very salty taste up front, but then the dark chocolate kicks in. With each successive bite, the bar was better and better as the dark chocolate and sea salt melded like a not too sweet and salty treat. This is not your average protein bar, but I feel they nailed what they were going for: I dark Chocolate bar with a salty overtone. All of this with 20 grams of protein and only one gram of sugar!

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