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Raze Energy Drinks Now in Stock!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Raze Energy Drink
Raze Energy Drink

Repp Sports changed the weight loss supplement world with it's incredibly powerful fat burner Raze. For us and many people, Raze was the perfect blend of high energy and appetite suppressant. We just got word that Repp Sports is now entering the energy drink game with their new product: Raze! Although we do not have any facts at this time like amount of caffeine, we do know it will be a Zero sugar drink and come in four flavors:

Raze Energy Drink Flavors (So Far)

Guava Mango

Sour Gummy


Strawberry Colada

So what do you think? Will Raze be able to compete with Bang and the many other energy drinks out there?

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