Raze Energy Galaxy Burst Next Flavor!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Raze Energy Galaxy Burst

Yesterday via an instagram post, Repp Sports revealed their newest Raze Energy flavor: Galaxy Burst! This short video showed a woman in what appears to be the Repp Sports production line announcing the new Galaxy Burst energy drink flavor.

Raze Energy Galaxy Burst in Production

While the exactly what Raze Energy Galaxy Burst tastes like has yet to be truly revealed, the video goes on to say it has a "burst of candy with a hint of tart. It is fruity and creamy yet sweet and tangy".

***Update** Since Raze Galaxy Burst is now available, we can tell you it tastes just like a pink Starburst!

Raze Galaxy Burst is Fruity and Sweet with a hint of Tart

So when can I get Galaxy burst Raze you ask? It is available now!

Check out all Raze Flavors HERE.

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