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Raze Energy VS Bang Energy Drink

Raze Energy Vs Bang Energy Drink
Raze Energy Vs Bang Energy Drink

When customers walk into our store, we have two energy drinks currently available. Bang and Repp Sports Raze Energy. Since Raze is the newcomer, people always ask, what is the difference? In this article, we will go into Raze Energy VS Bang. The competition will be decided on ingredients, Flavors and feeling.


To be honest, there is not a huge difference between these two energy drinks at first glance. They both have 300mg of caffeine per can, BCAAs. zero sugar and zero calories The differences in feeling, focus and energy are miles apart. First off, Raze contains time released caffeine in the form of Caffeine citrate (fast acting) and caffeine anhydrous. Raze also cuts out the creatine which is great for those who don't want extra creatine in their diet. (It can cause a bloated feeling) Raze also adds Alpha GPC and Choline Bitartrate for that awesome focus feeling that lifts your mood and long lasting smooth energy. Another great addition to Raze Energy's ingredients is electrolytes for enhanced hydration.

Winner: Raze Energy! Longer lasting smooth energy and focus


When it comes to Raze VS Bang flavors, Raze has fewer flavors as it just came out only a few months ago. Raze started with only 4 flavors and has just released 2 new ones bringing the total to 6. Since Raze is getting so popular, we imagine their flavors will grow immensely in the coming months. As far as taste, (In our opinion) Raze is the greatest tasting energy drink ever made. They have unique flavors like Sour Gummy and Grape bubblegum that will blow your mind. Bang does have more flavor variety though, and most of them are pretty tasty.

Winner: Raze Energy! With only 6 flavors, we still think every flavor is a stronger contender than Bangs variety.


So when it comes to feeling, there is a clear cut winner. As someone who never really had energy drinks in their life, Raze has converted me. I used to drink a Bang when I was feeling tired for the pick me up. It worked, but I would usually crash only a few hours later. With Raze, I feel more focused and never crash due to the long lasting ingredients. Also due to the electrolytes, I think I feel more hydrated.

Winner: Raze Energy! There was really no competition here.


For awhile, Bang was the only energy drink we carried in our shop. It was delicious, had tons of flavors and was really strong in the pick me up department. When Raze arrived, we never expected to be blown away by another energy drink... But we were. A more clean energy with focus and no crash, amazing and unique flavors plus the addition of electrolytes, Raze is now the energy drink to beat and will be our main energy drink in our store going forward.

Overall Winner: Raze Energy

What do you think? Do you prefer bang or Raze? Let us know in the comments below!

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