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Rivalus Rival Whey Warm Ups Coming Soon!

Rivalus Rival Whey Warm Ups
Rivalus Rival Whey Warm Ups

Announced at the 2019 Arnold this past weekend Rivalus showed off their brand new Rival Whey Warm Ups, a heat stable protein that is made to be served hot! Rival Whey Warm Ups offers an entirely new experience with absolutely no nutritional or performance downsides.

You can feel free to mix Warm Ups protein with hot water or use it for baking, mixing in oatmeal ETC. Employing distinctive hydrolysis technology, Rival Whey Warm Ups will withstand high temperatures that would cause ordinary whey proteins to denature heavily and clump into an unappetizing mess.

Rival Whey Warm Ups will be available in 15-serving containers and Hot Cocoa, Mint Mocha, and Hot Apple Cider flavors beginning in March. What do you think about warm ups? Let us know in the comment section below!

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