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Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard

Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard
Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard

When it comes to supplement VS Supplement, we like to be unbiased as possible. This time, we are comparing possibly the most popular protein in the world vs a not as well known brand. Welcome to Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard!

Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard History

A little known fact is that the former owners and creators of Optimum Nutrition are Mike and Tony Costello: The current owners of Rivalus! Optimum Nutrition was acquired by the Glanbia corporation and the former owners bought Rivalus and turned it into the brand it is today with the drive to create the best protein at the most affordable price that is banned substance free and great for athletes of all backgrounds and ages.

Rivalus Whey Vs Gold Standard Ingredients

Both Rival Whey and Gold Standard have similar ingredient Profiles. Below, I show the ingredient and Facts panel for both.

Gold Standard Whey Ingredient Facts
Gold Standard Whey Ingredient Facts

Rivalus Whey Ingredient Facts
Rivalus Whey Ingredient Facts

In the protein world today, their is a lot of sub standard protein on the shelves. Customers need to be more minful than ever of amino spiking and "dirty protein". That being said, both Rivalus and Gold Standard have very similar ingredients, both starting with a good protein blend. Both have more isolate than concentrate. Rivalus uses isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate where gold standard uses isolate, concentrate and whey peptides. In a 30.4 gram scoop of gold standard there is 24 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat. In a 29.9 Gram scoop of Rivalus there is 24 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs and one gram of fat. This of course differs slightly in the different flavors. As far as ingredients go, I would have to give this as a tie. Both companies have mostly equal ingredients across the board creating an excellent protein blend that is super clean. As far as sweeteners, I do like that Rivalus uses a blend of sucralose and Ace-K rather than straight Ace-K.

Winner: TIE

Rivalus Whey VS Gold Standard Taste

This (at least to me) is where the companies differ the most. Even though Gold Standard currently has 20 flavors, I always felt they were a bit bland. The texture of Gold Standard is fine, but it seems like even though they release new flavors, they are just OK. Rivalus flavors seem to have a richer taste profile. When it comes to their new flavors, Rivalus has Gold Standard beat. Rivalus Cereal flavors taste just like you would hope. Cinnamon toast cereal and fruity cereal flavors are a dream come true and will satisfy your cravings without any guilt whatsoever. Rivalus seems to be more innovative in the taste category and that is why I give the flavor and taste category to Rivalus.

Winner: Rivalus


I have to say, when it comes to how a protein mixes, it is a big deal to me. Both Gold Standard and Rival Whey mix amazing. Never an issue with either protein mixing super smooth.

Winner: TIE

Winner for us

In the end, we decided to go with Rivalus as our house brand due to the taste and flavors. They are both almost the same product with Rivalus having more new and delicious flavors. It makes sense that the former creators of Gold Standard went on to make an even better form of an already outstanding product!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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