Seated Alternating Hammer Curl

The alternating hammer curl performed while seated helps build wrist and forearm strength. At the same time this exercise develops the brachioradialis. This exercise is a great way to finish your biceps workout. Replacing the bench with a swiss ball would increase the demand on your core muscles. Therefore you can work your biceps and your abs at the same time.

Seated Alternating Hammer Curls Work:

Muscle Groups: #biceps #forearms

Category: Arm Workouts

Equipment: #bench #dumbbells

How to do Seated Alternating Hammer Curls:

  • Seated on the bench with your torso stabilized, hold the dumbbells like hammers down at your sides.

  • Keep your chest up and your elbows braced at your sides at all time.

  • Starting with one arm, bend the elbow and pull the dumbbell up to the shoulder, and then lower it.

  • Repeat with the other side.


  • Letting the elbows move forward instead of keeping them back against the torso

  • Leaning back excessively

  • Swinging the body


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