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Strongest Pre Workouts of 2018

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Strongest Pre Workouts
Strongest Pre Workouts

We now have a year under our belts since we first picked out our strongest pre workouts, and there are a few newcomers to the Arena. As always, our picks are based on customer comments as well as our own experiences with these pre workouts. You can also check out all of our Strongest Pre Workouts here. Without further delay, here are our picks for the strongest pre workouts of 2018.

Savage AF is without a doubt for those who want the most ass kicking old school pre workout they can find. Tons of energy, focus and good feeling. ULTRA powerful and only for those that are experienced.

If you are looking for the most ridiculous, strong, powerful pre workout on the market, Edge of Insanity by Psycho Pharma is for you. While there are not many other redeeming qualities in this pre workout, this list is just about the most powerful we could find, and so far it is this one.

Cannibal Ferox by Chaos and Pain is definitely on anyone’s list as one of the most insane pre workouts they have ever had. Boasting 450mg of caffeine it is one of the highest caffeine counts on a pre we have ever seen. When you add to that Cannibal Ferox also has halostachine, Alpha Yohimbine, and lots of nootropics, you get one of the most powerful pre workouts ever created.

500mg of caffeine and Dmaa? Sounds like a powerful pre workout to us!

Brought out to replace the original Arez white, Arez titanium is a worthy successor. Boasting tons of high end stimulants, this is one of the strongest pre workouts on the market.

Juggernaut Nutrition is not only a strong, solid pre workout, but one of the few to have DMAA as a stimulant. If you liked the old mesomorph, you will probably like Irate. As a side note, Irate’s flavors are really good!

God of Rage, like Irate, is one of the few DMAA based pre workouts left on the market. God of Rage is strong, but with a really good feel and long lasting energy. Tastes pretty good too!

God of Rage reloaded is a re-take on the God or Rage pre workout. This one features more modern stimulants and focus inducing ingredients. Great for veterans of other Centurion Labz pre workouts.

Kaz Sports has a very strong pre workout for their first product on the market. Premeditated is a beast and has very strong stims to give you high powered energy that lasts.

These are our strongest pre workouts for 2018 picks so far, but we have some really great pre workouts coming in the next few weeks and we will update this list if they deserve to be here! Please let us know what you think the strongest pre workout is in the comments below!

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