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Taking Multiple Supplements - What to watch for

Multiple Supplements
Multiple Supplements

Like many people, you may be taking multiple supplements daily. Protein shakes, Multivitamins, Weight loss supplements Etc. What you may not be paying attention to is all of the ingredients in each and how they may interact with each other, or how you may be overdoing it.

Take for example, some of the elite protein shakes will have extra benefits added such as creatine. This may reduce the need to take in a separate creatine supplement for the average person.

Some multivitamins such as NLA For Her, already contains 100% of your daily need of biotin. Therefore, there is no real need to take a separate #biotin supplement. Since your body can only use so many vitamins, you would be wasting too much excess.

Many of us like to snack on quest bars when we need a quick snack. Quest bars have a huge amount of fiber in each bar. In fact two quest bars a day give an average of 100% of dietary fiber needs, thus negating the need for a fiber supplement.

When supplementing, you should also look at your current eating habits. If you already eat lots of vegetables, there may be less of a need to supplement your daily regime with Superfoods or certain vitamins. It is always best to try to get your vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

When looking to supplement your intake of #vitamins, #protein or other supplements, it is always best to check labels and compare against another product you are looking at taking.

In closing, always check with your physician before starting any exercise program or any new supplement.

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