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VPX Stoked is STRONG

VPX Xstoked and Stoked Energy
VPX Xstoked and Stoked Energy

Recently, we got in a small shipment of the new VPX Stoked and Stoked Energy drinks. All we new is that it was made by VPX and contained something called canablast CBD. After trying this drink, we were pleasantly surprised at how strong the CBD feeling was. We did some research and found out that each Stoked contains 27mg of full spectrum CBD! This is a very respectable dosage for one drink to contain.

The flavors we tried were Frose Rose and Strawberry blonde. The CBD taste is definitely strong, but overall the flavors were smooth and blended well with the CBD aftertaste. There are other flavors too which we will also be stocking soon.

The response from customers was overwhelmingly positive. We sold out in about 1 week and almost everyone wanted to try the other flavors and buy more. We expect to have more Stoked in the coming days so stay tuned!

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