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(You won't believe #2)...Explosive Exercises for Stability and Strength

Hi guys! Colton Gibbons from Elite Custom Fitness in Wilkes-Barre, PA here. This week I worked with one of our top trainer’s and certified strength and conditioning coach, Zack Interewicz.

For the month of February 2019, he’s developed programs that are packed with nothing but power. We mean Plyometric power! Below are some of our favorite explosive exercises from our customized small group training’s program! But wait…there’s a twist. They’re all completed on ONE LEG!

These exercises are geared towards those looking to improve balance, increase strength and build power. Here at Elite Custom Fitness, we train even our beginners like athletes. The same way Arena Supplements delivers results by using only clean science-backed exercise products, we believe in supplying science-backed customized programming that delivers results for everyone!

Zack (@zack98_buzz) received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science at East Stroudsburg University. He loves playing hockey, and always incorporates athletic, clinically proven exercises into all of his client’s programs.

"...his response was absolutely AWESOME"

This month he integrated simple, yet challenging moves into February’s workout. These easy exercises are functional and have different levels of modifications. The series for this workout include a “lateral bound”, “1,2 Stick” and “Zig Zag Bound.” Some of these exercise titles sound crazy and super intense, but when I interviewed Zack about the benefits, his response was absolutely AWESOME.

1) Lateral Bound : This is a great starting exercise to help build stability, lateral quickness, and power.  This exercise requires you to produce and absorb force in a single leg stance.  This is important for athletes as it helps them cut and change direction on the field or court. 

2) 1,2 Stick : This Exercise is a great progression to the lateral bound as it requires the athlete to absorb and produce force quickly to move explosive laterally.  Again, this challenges the athletes stability and force production. Another great exercise to improve speed and change of direction for any athlete.  

3) Zig Zag Bound : This is our next progression in our bounding exercises.  This progression requires the athlete to move in multiple planes of motion as they are bounding both forward and laterally simultaneously.  This makes the exercise a little more sport specific and sill works on improving stability, speed, agility, and quickness in our athletes.” Zack Interewicz, CSCS.

If you’d like to watch videos on how to do these exercises check out our instagram in the link below!

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Remember these moves are perfect if you’re in an Athlete Program or if you’re just a fitness beginner! After performing these high intensity, explosive moves it’s always a great idea to replenish your body by adding a high performance clean protein into your fitness program. That means after you’re done killing it in the gym…or completing your in home workout program…or enjoying working out in NEPA’s beautiful parks, the final step is to enjoy a delicious protein shake!

"I’ve never said no to a fruity-cereal flavored protein"

Arena Supplements is currently offering a one of the kind healthy blend that will enable you to not only perform better, but also gives you a delicious reward after you’re done! Check out their Rivalus collection in store or online today! (Btw: I’ve never said no to a fruity-cereal flavored protein, click Rivalus link above ;) ) Thanks again guys for taking the time to further advance YOUR fitness goals. Next week we’ll be covering “HOW TO HUNGOVER.

Your blog buddy and personal trainer,

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Colton Gibbons

Fitness Educator and Personal Trainer

Elite Custom Fitness


Instagram: @colton.gibbons

What exactly am I doing there?

Jumping over a seemingly dangerous bridge located above rapid streams of course!

And you know what kind of move that's called? PLYOMETRICS!

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