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Nutrabio MCT Powder 1 Lb

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UPC: 649908523008
Brand: Nutrabio

Nutrabio MCT powder is an ultra premium MCT Powder that has no fillers, excipients, hidden ingredients or additives and is allergen, gluten, and BSE/TSE free. Nutrabio MCT powder is great for those on a Keto diet as it provides healthy fats and energy.

NutraBio MCT Powder is designed to deliver a high-quality, calorie-dense source of medium chain triglycerides to support the energy demands of athletes or those following a ketogenic diet. MCTs may also be beneficial for weight/fat loss as they appear to play a role in increasing metabolic rate and the speed at which fats are broken down to release fatty acids into the bloodstream for energy use.

Nutrabio MCT Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop into your favorite beverage as needed for added energy or calories. For best results use a shaker cup. When stirring with a spoon, add MCT powder first then liquid. Can be added to protein powders and meal replacements for added calories and energy.

Supplement Facts:

Nutrabio MCT Powder Facts

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