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Vital Nutraceuticals NRT "Natural Anabolic"

NRT is comprised of 3 all natural clinically dosed and proven ingredients that deliver amazing results with 0 to minimal side effects. NRT will deliver size, and strength gains through these 3 clinical ingredients via 3 novel pathways working hand in hand to give you the results you want!

Laxogenin is a natural brassinosteriod from smilax sieboldi plant proven to increase protein synthesis, increase nitrogen retention and decrease protein breakdown. Thus meaning similar effects to the anabolic compound Anavar without the side effects!

Epicatechin is a compound found in green tea or dark chocolate. Epicatechin acts as a myostatin inhibitor which increases the DNA potential for growth and increases cardiac output which means massive pumps!

Cissus Quadrangularis is great for muscle growth via a novel pathway that drives blood and nutrients into the muscle and connective tissue cells which supports tendon and joint health.

Enjoy NRT during a bulk or during a cut to get the most out of your training and your diet.

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